About the site.

The site is to the south of Victoria Road, bordered to the south, east and west by agricultural land and properties on College Road and off Victoria Road.

There are a number of opportunities and considerations for the site, which we have analysed when preparing our plans.


  • A new supermarket will offer more convenience for local residents, mean less travel for food shopping, and create jobs for local people
  • Recovery of local food expenditure currently being lost to other areas
  • Opportunity to improve existing infrastructure and site access, including providing more car parking for short stays in the town
  • Addition of new landscaping around the site, which will add more habitat for wildlife
  • Improvement in highway safety with introduction of roundabout and associated reduction in vehicle speeds


  • Ecology and impact on wildlife habitats – development will improve biodiversity on the site by 10% in line with Cornwall Council policy
  • Land is low grade “poor” agricultural value (Grade 4)
  • Site has significant differences in levels and overhead cables go across parts
  • Development must minimise the impact on neighbouring residents and the nearby conservation area