Our plans.

We are proposing a new supermarket with Click and Collect facilities, a petrol filling station, large car park and landscaping.

For context, this store would be approximately two-thirds of the size of the Tesco supermarket in Wadebridge. The proposed supermarket is a similar size to the previously approved store planned for the site.

The store will be accessed via a newly formed roundabout off the A39 with a pedestrian crossing formed to make sure those on foot could access the site safely.

A new edge of town centre supermarket would benefit the town and its residents, providing more choice, reducing journeys on the roads and creating around 100 new jobs in the town.

Design and Materials.

We have designed the store to reflect the materials and character of the local area, whilst also ensuring the supermarket meets our operational needs and is as sustainable as possible.

The main elements of the design feature crisp lines characteristic of contemporary architecture incorporating natural materials such as timber and stone. As a reflection of local materiality, the entrance lobby is proposed to be clad in stone, providing a unique accent to the composition, welcoming customers approaching under the shelter of the timber canopy.

The extensive glazed front façade is designed to allow maximum daylight inside the store, reducing the energy demand from artificial lighting. Additionally, the generous canopy to the front avoids any overheating risk from direct sunlight while protecting customers from the rain.

Highways, Access and Parking.

Camelford has a range of amenities, but there is not a larger supermarket in the town, meaning many residents travel to do their main food shop: a 22-mile round trip to Wadebridge, 27-mile round trip to Bodmin or 33-mile round trip to Launceston.

One of the key benefits of bringing a new Tesco supermarket to Camelford is that it will significantly reduce the distance people will need to travel to do a larger shop. The new jobs created in the store will also mean many who currently need to travel further afield to work will be able to work closer to home, reducing commuter journeys.


We are proposing a large car park, which whilst likely to be predominantly used by visitors to the supermarket, will allow three hours’ parking. This means that visitors to the store will also be able to go into the town centre to visit other businesses and services.

There will also be disabled, parent/child and electric vehicle charging spaces. In addition, there will also be cycle spaces provided close to the store entrance.

All the above will form part of a Transport Assessment, which will accompany the planning application and be independently assessed by Cornwall Council’s Highways Department.


The previous consent in 2013 proposed a new roundabout on Victoria Road, as this was the safest and most convenient means of access.

We have improved the design of the 2013 proposals, ensuring that the properties on Victoria Road that currently access the road directly, will now be driving onto a private stretch of road, before joining the road via the new roundabout.



Tesco is committed to minimising our environmental impact and we are working with our suppliers, partners and the wider industry to tackle climate change, reduce waste and protect the environment.

We aim to deliver a highly sustainable new store, which will incorporate a range of measures, including:

  • Electric vehicle charging points for customers
  • Energy efficient refrigeration, air conditioning and
  • LED lighting
  • Recycling facilities
  • Use of sustainable building materials

Tesco is reducing the impact of plastic packaging and we aim to ensure that plastic never finds its way to landfill or into the environment.

Last year we removed one billion pieces of plastic from our stores and we recently launched a soft plastics collection, meaning our packaging is now fully recyclable. We will also be adhering to Cornwall Council policy by ensuring that there is a 10% biodiversity net gain on the site, by introducing more landscaping, tree canopy coverage and other habitats for wildlife.

We support alternative methods of transport, such as pedestrian access by providing accessible footpaths, and cycling by including safe bicycle hoops just outside the store. Additionally, the nearest bus stop is just a two-minute walk down Victoria Road, connecting the store to the broader public transport service.